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Music by Chester Tan


June 2006 (45mins )  Produced by Musical Theatre Society 2006  at the Arts House as part of  Five Foot Broadway 2006.

June 2006 (45 ms) Presented by Theatre Department , NAFA School of Performing Arts, at NAFA



In Singapore 1900,  young doctor Albert Lim loves the singing girl Ying.  His Uncle asks him to take a political position, to oppose the Colonialist Government.  Albert refuses because he wants to marry Ying and have a normal life.  But the love affair ends tragically.  Albert, heartbroken, vows to become the voice of the people.  He takes a seat on the Council: it is a first step towards democracy for Singapore.  

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“Babashop Quartet”  The Straits Chinese (Babas) of Singapore demand more representation of the people, in the colonial Government of Singapore


One Voice Albert resolves to be the lone voice that will speak for his people.

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