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Music and additional  lyrics by Desmond Moey


August 2010  Merlion Rising Produced by Musical Theatre Limited in collaboration with the Arts House, at The Hall at the Arts House.



The origin of the Merlion! Merlene the young Merlion, a child of mixed race, leaves her undersea home in the fish-kingdom to search for her unknown father. During her journey she finds her own sense of identity.  She reaches the Lion City, ruled by her father Leo,  which is under attack by the swordfish.  Leo urges her to find the Power of a Lion in her, to defeat the enemies.

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One Night of My Life  Merlene’s mother, Aquina Queen of the fishes, remembers how she met Leo the Lion King.


Dance in the Sun, Merlene, the young Merlion, celebrates her unique abilities. 


See the Lights  Opening number shows a fiesta in the fish-kingdom. 


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