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" Emily of Emerald Hill"

a monodrama by Stella Kon


This is the old mansion "Oberon," at 117 Emerald Hill Road,which is remembered in the play.

Emily of Emerald Hill is the story of a poor girl who marries into a rich Straits Chinese family.  Being clever and hard-working, she learns to take care of the family and to please her mother and father in law.  Eventually she becomes a powerful matriarch and society hostess.  On the way, however, she finds that her compulsive striving for success and affection has alienated her husband, Kheong, and her beloved son, Richard.   In the end she learns, from dealing with her daughter Doris – that love is about letting go.


The play is set against a rich background of Peranakan culture and society in the 1930’s – 60’s.  It is a universal story of a woman’s survival and heartbreak.


Permission from Stella Kon Pte Ltd must be obtained for any performance of Emily of Emerald Hill, in part or in whole.  Permission must also be obtained for use of the character of "Emily" or other characters from the play, in any form.    
Failure to do so constitutes an infringement of intellectual property rights and is open to legal prosecution. 


If you wish to request a performance, translation, or adaptation (including character use) licence please email us at "contact at emilyofemeraldhill dot com".

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