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Stella Kon: Musicals


In 2002 Dr Kenneth Lyen invited me to collaborate with him on the musical for ACS Barker Road, EXODUS.   I fell in love with this art form.  I had always  tried to include the music of the spoken word in my plays.  Musicals  offered me  a wider scope for music,  colour and emotion.  I have been writing musicals ever since.  I have been the Chairperson of Musical Theatre Live! (MTL) since 2006.


All the musicals listed above,  were written under MTL's Incubation Programme, in which writers and composers are helped to bring the script and score of a musical to the best it can be.  I wrote the book for all of these musicals, and the lyrics for all songs, except as otherwise stated in the notes to each musical.


Later works have been written in collaboration with award-winning songwriter Desmond Moey.  Desmond's work style suits well with mine.  After I've written the outline of the story, I tell the composer what each song is about -- the mood and emotional colour I want. 


I leave the composer as much freedom as possible to write the music accordiing what he wants,  then I fit lyrics to his structures, and then we revise the work together.  Then the work is submitted to MTL's Incubation panel which reviews and suggests improvements.


Over the past years as the Chairperson of MTL, I have been empowered and supported by the enthusiasm and interest of  many  writers, composers and critics, who helped me learn how to write musicals. I learned much about the craft of songwriting from Desmond, whom I thank for his constant encouragement and support.  I also thank all the dedicated people who love musicals,  who have worked with me in Musical Theatre Live! 

-Stella Kon

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