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Music by Desmond Moey


June 2005  (45 minutes)  Produced by Musical Theatre Society at the Arts House as part of  Five Foot Broadway 2005.

March?  2009  (90 minutes) With additional script by Gavin Low and additional lyrics by Desmond Moey. Produced by Musical Theatre Limited in collaboration with the Arts House, at The Hall at the Arts House.


Lost in Transit is set in the Philippines in the late 1970s.  It is a universal story – a girl from a small town who dreams of going to the big city to become a star.  Mia is allured by the showman Robert to become one of his dancers.  She leaves her lover Sam to join the cabaret, but soon finds out that she has to make some hard choices.  How much is she willing to sacrifice in order to achieve her dreams?  Sam tries to save her from the vice trade, but his efforts end in tragedy.

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