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Meditation verses



In silence and stillness 
hear the heart beating.
When no words are spoken,
no thoughts are formed,
the heart speaks truth.
If you know how to hear it,
listen to the heart.


I escape from the constrictions
of guilt and anxiety
(It's hard to do)
O my little soul  is still so scared
If I leave behind all my planning and controlling
I'll fall into chaos, no?
Time unstructured
feels like unvalued,
No agenda
feels like no achievement.
I travel onwards,
no longer "towards",
venturing to try
the taste of freedom.  


Under the great clear sky
small weeds grow  in the marsh
and the reeds nod
and the wind blows
and the wild ducks fly over
O Lord make my soul to be
like a wild duck flying
like a reed in the wind
like a humble weed immersed in the water 
of the marsh that stretches for ever.

Opening the mind
happens very slowly
Opening the eyes
is a matter of constant attention.
As flowers with slow certainty
progress from bud to bloom,
it will happen --
though sometimes you think it will take forever --
growth happens.

So you should wait like the camel
waiting for oasis
meanwhile walking on, with its stored up water.
Living on rich input of the past
through today's drought
enduring patiently dryness and labour.
Do not take it as a right for the rain to fall every day,
neither give up your work.
Remember the camel
kneels at the end of each day.

Everything that is
grows as a flower
from the tree that is God.

Ripples on the surface of the lake 
mean nothing to fish swimming below:
                     daily hurts need not disturb our deeper peace.
Ripples on the surface of the pool
reflect the stars above:
                     God in even these passing pains.





Love is around me,

Love surrounds me.

As I sit quietly,

Love sits with me.





 I am me

here in the moment

Before me nothing

behind me emptiness and rotten rags

no escape either way

here I must stay

and be me.




From deep water

the fisherman drew up the treasure.

He saw it shining in the meshes,

coming up as he hauled in his net,

brighter and brighter as it approached air and light.

It looked more glorious to him

as he was aware of from what depths he raised it.

When he sold it later, he priced it high.

because he told of the darkness it came from,

the struggle he had.

If it had never been lost, no joy of finding.

If the struggle is forgotten

its value is halved.





Two  Stones


You and me

like two stones on the river bank

letting the water flow past

basking in the warm sun.

Our companionship

is in the sharing of the gifts the universe gives

in being part of the same song

in being part of the flow of love.


Train speeding through your mind

endlessly roaring,

the linked freight of images

running on rails, towards a fixed destination.


You have the illusion of power, speed,

of getting somewhere.

You are in bondage

to the baggage, the habits,

the one-track mindedness of your life.

If only you’d consent to jump off the train,

to sit in the station, letting the lights go by you

(how tempting to jump aboard,

to go where the people are going)

you’d find in the silence of the empty hall,

in the emptiness of not-going-anywhere,

in the release of not-having-to-catch-the train,

you’d find freedom.




I am the mountain that you walk up

On the foothills, easily treading forested trails,

enjoying cool air, hear birds in branches.

Wide are those forests.  Long are the years

you could spend here wandering,

peaceful, joyous.


Far above looms the bare peak,

rocky, airless and cold.

Remotely promising

a realm now undreamt of,

now ungraspable

someday to come.




  In the silent darkness of the deepest cave
dwells the secret treasure.
No one finds it who seeks it with lamps and companions.
You must go alone, trusting the guides who tell you it's there,
daring to place foot after foot on the unseen floor,
believing there will be no precipice to throw you down.
Wrapt in darkness
when the open eyes see no more than the closed
where the only sound is your own heartbeat and footfall ...
there will come light
that is not for the eyes to see,
there will be locutions, and even ecstasies;
in the deep solitary place.
You will enjoy these treasures,
but never be able to take them back with you.
You cannot reveal them to light,
for no mind or memory can grasp them.
You can't tell anyone else about them.
Only you and I will know.



Here we stand together

on the far shore of a sea

looking back on a stormy passage.

When you reach the safe haven at last

I shall still be with you.

When you find what you sought

know that I am the treasure,

I am the harbour, I am the shore,

to where all your voyaging

at last brings you home.





I am the light that falls from the hazy sky

that is seen through a clouded lens

marred by floating spots of trouble.

Don’t worry about your portion of darkness,

which is there for your salvation.





In the deep waters lies the huge fish

waiting to see  the right tempting bait to be thrown

and then to surge up towards light

(through the green weeds, through the finny youngsters.)

Bite the hook! And be removed in pain and surprise

from the familiar haunts,

to a future undreamt of, unknown.



Nothing to be said.
No more to be written
No words come
nor prayer to be spoken
nor movement made.
But to be held unmoving:
move if you wish to,
and speak if you will,
otherwise just sit here with me
doing nothing
enjoying the night
enjoying the darkness
in the dark dark night
I make love to you.

Meditation verses
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