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Welcome to my site!

I’m Stella Kon, a Singapore writer. This site tells you about my most

well-known play,  Emily of Emerald Hill.,  and  other works.


You can hear recordings of songs from some of the musicals, and visit the Bookshop to order published books.

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Published by 

Penguin Random House SEA

lished June 2023

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"Permission for Performance &
Use of the Characters"

Permission from the author or Stella Kon Pte Ltd must be obtained for any performance of "Emily of Emerald Hill," in part or in whole. Permission must also be obtained for use of the character of "Emily" or other characters from the play, in any form.

Failure to do so constitutes an infringement of intellectual property rights and is open to legal prosecution.

Contact Stella Kon Pte Ltd at

Other work
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